Plano Plumbers Elite Is Sponsoring A Children’s Hospital Fundraiser


Plano Plumbers Elite, believes in being good stewards and contributing members of the community we are a part of. We do this mostly through our work, as we help businesses and residents alike with their plumbing needs. We pride ourselves in expedient service response times, high-caliber work that lasts, and prices that prove competitive and affordable. However, that’s not all we do to help out the city we all call home.

To that end, we have decided to help out the children’s hospital here in Plano, Texas. We’re partnering up with G’s Pizza To Go restaurant for the time being. Every time you place a pizza order that totals more than $25, we’re going to donate $10 of our own money to the local children’s hospital.

We feel this is a great way for consumers and businesses alike around Plano to come together and make a difference for a children’s hospital. That alone is a worthwhile cause, but we specifically decided to help out the one right here in our community, since it helps care for the future generations we are raising together.

Everyone has to eat, and everyone has to eat several times a day. So, if you’re going to get pizza, head over to G’s, call them, or visit their website to place an order. Even if you’re ordering for one, a few sides or an extra pizza for leftovers can get you over that $25 limit and help us at Plano Plumbers Elite make a difference in the life of kids who are sick, ill, injured, or disabled.

If you’re a part of another business and want to contribute to this worthy goal, why not treat your staff to a pizza break while making a social statement of your very own at the same time?

50% off Any Future Tree Service Project and Free Pizza Pie!

Hey guys, G’s Pizza is going to make this short and sweet…As we celebrate International business owners day, we would like to offer a free Large Pizza and 50% off any future electrical work coupon, when you come in today! You heard that right…Get your behind down here!

Thanks to are friends, over at Tree Service Frisco Tx, they have bought every one a free round of pizza pie! This event is to expand the awareness of small business and the amazing services they offer. So please stop by and say hi!


Special For Today!!!

Hey guys here at G’s Pizza, we just wanted to let you guys know that we love to give back to our community and charity! W are proud to announce that as of today, we have partnered along with Plano Auto Glass Repair in our fight against breast cancer! We shall be ¬†giving specials and coupons galore in order to support this great cause. This special cause was inspired by Sarah who is one of our managers and is currently battling this terrible disease. We want to just encourage and support anyone by giving back our time and money to support people like Sarah.

We would encourage all our customers to take advantage of the specials that will be taking place and ask that you please make a small contribution of any size. We thank you ahead of time. We also want to let all our loyal customers know that on March 26th @ 9:00pm, we will be shutting down early, in order to throw a breast cancer awareness block party! Please come join us in the fun and support this worthy cause! We will be having music, dancing and a whole lot of fun! Oh, yeah and pizza of course!

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Welcome to G’s Pizza!

Welcome to G’s Pizza! We are excited to be establishing our online presences in order to keep all of our customers updated of all the things we have going on at G’s Pizza and also to give you pizza lovers a little insight about us from time to time. We like to consider everyone visiting as family and we shall treat you as such! See why pizza is even more popular than mobile phones!

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